We will start at 9:30CET from link https://global.gotomeeting.com/join and use the code 993853101

Eva García Muntión, PREFET Coordinator and CEO of an SME in deep tech innovative project building, will explain what the IdeAcademy initiative is within PREFET and the activities we are launching from here until 14/11/2019. Also what will come next.

She will continue with a life webinar on Techology Vision building.The main purpose is to support participants into growing solid project concepts with strong focus into FET gate keepers, valuable understanding around hottest tech trends, and deeply multidisciplinary teams.

It will be follow by a video streamed introduction on RRI for high-tech from Cambridge, UK.

The PREFET project in conjunction with ORBIT, the Observatory for Responsible Research and Innovation will be live streaming the ORBIT Foundations in Responsible Research and Innovation Course from Cambridge, UK on Wednesday 25th September from 1130 to 1230 CET.

Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) is an approach to research and innovation governance aiming to ensure that research purpose, process and outcomes are acceptable, sustainable and desirable. This approach helps define how social and ethical considerations can be incorporated into the research design process and how organisations should manage the ethical dilemmas that arise through the use of information and communication technology.

ORBIT has developed a structured approach for the design and integration of Responsible Research and Innovation activities into research and innovation projects. This approach helps you work out what should be done, who should be involved and what they will be responsible for. It gives you a set of processes to work through and explains what information you should be gathering along the way. Through the explanation of the AREA-4P Framework and the use of the Project Self-Assessment tool, the course will allow delegates to gain sufficient knowledge and understanding of the core principles of RRI and their relevance in research and innovation processes.

Learning Outcomes

Responsible Research and Innovation

  • Familiarity with the concept of Responsible Research and Innovation
  • Understanding the need for RRI
  • Understanding the salience of RRI in technology
  • Reflection on the role and responsibilities of researchers within society, including familiarity with how individual, proxy, and collective agency can be utilised by researchers

AREA Framework

  • Familiarity with the AREA framework for RRI and its application in research and innovation environments
  • Understanding of the separate elements of Anticipate, Reflect, Engage and Act

Real-world applications

  • Understanding current issues associated with RRI through workshopped case studies
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