Summary of Votes Cast

Votes Cast in the ICT for Connected Society Survey : 1204*
Votes Cast in the Health and Life Sciences Survey : 872*
Votes Cast in the Energy, Environment and Climate Change Survey : 745*

* includes partial votes recorded by the PREFET Survey

All Pre-Validated Trends

  • New schemes in Quantum Computing: Use of Machine Learning
  • Extending the Limits of Quantum Computing: Decoherence
  • Interface Quantum / Classical Computing
  • Neuromorphic Computing and Biomimetic Artificial Intelligence
  • New Approaches to Data Interoperability in IOT
  • Adaptive Assurance of Autonomous Systems
  • Photoacoustics in Communication
  • Chemputing and 3d Printing Reactionware
  • Ethically Trustworthy AI
  • Homomorphic Computing
  • Anonymous Analytics
  • Quantum Communications: Quantum Internet
  • Quantum Simulation
  • Programmable Matter & Claytronics
  • Beyond 5g Hardware
  • Cognitive Augmentation and Intelligence Amplification
  • Cellular Neuroscience and Cellular Signaling
  • Bioinformatics and AI in Genetics
  • Bioimaging
  • Regenerative Medicine
  • Non-Opioid Pain Management
  • Cellular Senescence & Life Extension
  • Antibiotic Resistant Super Bacteria
  • Drug Discovery & Manufacture Using AI
  • Microbiome for Enhanced Human Health
  • Immunotherapy and Genomics for Cancer Personalized Treatment and Prevention
  • Bio Robotics / Bionics
  • Virotherapy
  • Cryonics
  • AI For Alien Life Search
  • Beyond Smart Grids: Advanced Data Analytics & Machine Learning
  • Energy-Efficient Water Treatments
  • Biodegradable Sensors for Precision Farming
  • Zero-Power Sensors
  • Arctic Climate Change
  • Algae Against Climate Change
  • Net Zero Buildings
  • Ocean and Marine Preservation
  • 4d Printing
  • Ocean Wiring and Sensing
  • High Temperature Superconductivity & Twist Electronics
  • Metamaterials Cloaking
  • Time Crystals
  • Self-Healing Batteries
  • Nuclear Fusion Power
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