António E. RuanoCentre for Intelligent Systems

    Antonio Ruano was born in Espinho, Portugal, on the 14th September 1959. He holds a first degree in Electronic Eng. and Telecommunications (University of Aveiro – UA,1982), a MSc degree in Electrotechnical Eng. (University of Coimbra, 1989), a PhD in Electronic Eng. (University of Wales, 1992) and an Habilitation in Electronic Eng. and Computing (University of Algarve – UALg, 2004).

    He was a Lecturer (1982/83) at the Dep. of Mathematics, UA, Demonstrator (1981/82) and Lecturer (1984/1992) at the Dep. of Electronic Engineering and Telecommunications, UA, Auxiliar Professor (1993/96) and Associate Professor (1996/2004) at the Unit of Exact Sciences and Humanities – UCEH – of UALg. Since 2004 he is an Associate Professor with Habilitation at the Faculty of Sciences & Technology of UALg.

    In UALg, he has served in several management positions, such as Director of the Dep. of Electronic Eng. and Informatics, Vice-Dean, Dean and Scientific Council Chairman of UCEH, Pro-Rector of UALg, and Director of the Integrated Master on Electronic Eng. and Telecommunications, Master on Renewable Energy and Energy Management, Master on Informatics Eng and PhD degree on Informatics Engineering.

    His research activities are centred in Intelligent Control, focusing in artificial neural networks systems identification and predictive control.  He was chairman of the IFAC Technical Committee on Computational Intelligence in Control for the last two trienniums (nowadays vice-chairman), has coordinated more than 30 national and international projects, has supervised more than 40 MSc, PhD and Pos-Doc students, and has published more than 260 articles, books and book chapters, that can be seen in ResearchID (B-4135-2008), Orcid (0000-0002-6308-8666), Scopus (7004284159) and GoogleScholar (wrYUbVgAAAAJ).

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