Niko NatekEngineer of Energy Technology

    Engineer of Energy Technology with a focus on electrical and electronic systems in power plants, power transmission and distribution systems. Initial experience gained in engineering companies specialized in mechanical and electrical installations for cooling and heating systems. Primarily a technician in charge of installing mechanical equipment, later promoted to work on testing of equipment under pressure in industrial cooling systems. After college employed in a mid-sized engineering company where originally responsible for installation, testing and calibration of electrical equipment in large-scale power systems (hydropower plants, thermo-power plants, energy grid junctures, etc.), later promoted to conduct research of the applicability of different types of biogas to existing condensing boilers. Started employment at the KSSENA Energy Agency in 2013 as an Energy Consultant, where responsible for the development of building construction physics and energy modeling of buildings, preparing project and investment documentation, administration of energy audits, calculation of buildings energy performance, preparation of project applications and technical support for measures related to electrical and electronic installations. Additionally, gained experience in the area of implementing monitoring systems for microclimate and indoor air quality as well as establishment of energy service contracting models in building renovation projects. Presently acting as the head manager of the investment project for hydrogen technologies in energy and transport in the Savinjsko-Šaleška region.

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