Peter SonderenProfessor of Theory in the Arts

    Peter Sonderen is Professor of Theory in the Arts at the ArtEZ University of the Arts and head of the Honours programme Theory and Research. His PhD in Art History and Aesthetics (University of Amsterdam 2000) on the origin of the modern idea of art foreshadows the focus of his current research, viz. theory, practice and research in the arts, performativity, technology and the role of the ‘new materialisms.’ He edited the following books on these topics: Denken in Kunst (with Henk Borgdorff, Leiden University Press 2012), The Non-Urban Garden (AFdH 2014), Unpacking Performativity (with Gaby Allard, ArtEZ Press 2016) and Theory Arts Practices (with Marijn de Langen, ArtEZ Press 2017). In 2019 he published in cooperation with João Da Silva the interactive platform, Let’s Talks about (Artistic) Research: In the same year he edited The Entanglement of Theory and Practices in the Arts (ArtEZ Press 2019).

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