Pilar GangasCoordinator of European Programs Unit - UTAPE

    I am nowadays the Coordinator of the European Projects’ Unit of the Primary Health Care innovation and Research Foundation (FIIBAP) of Madrid region. I am PhD in Political Sciences, Master in Social Sciences, having worked as project manager and/or researcher for the last 20 years, participating in more than 50 publicly funded projects. Among them, I have been Coordinator Contact of an Integrated Care H2020 project called ICT4Life, being now supporting the management of 4 additional health related European funded ongoing projects. In my daily work, we promote and support the participation of our researchers, research groups and organizations in health related European projects.

    Madrid public Health System (SERMAS) has an extensive experience in European projects, having participated in 33 H2020 projects. Madrid Region has the second best Health System in the European Union, according to the European Commission’s latest Regional Competitiveness Index. Madrid Region Health System (SERMAS) assures the adequate coverage of more than 6.8 million people, including the capital, the third largest city in the EU. SERMAS includes in its network 37 hospitals, 265 primary care centres, 163 rural medical services and the emergency services SUMMA 112, providing more than 27 million health care services a year. SERMAS has received 336 awards in 2016, acknowledging the high quality of its services. The European Projects’ Unit of the Foundation for Biomedical Research and Innovation in Primary Health Care of Madrid Region aims to promote health related research and innovation and have an European influence in the programmes to come. FIIBAP is taking part in several H2020 and Erasmus+ international projects.

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