Santiago Rello VaronaPhD in Cell Biology

    I am a PhD in Cell Biology from Universidad Autónoma de Madrid since 2008. My research career took place in four different Euopean cities (Madrid, Padova, Paris and Barcelona) combining basic knowledge gathering, about cell division abnormalities that help cancer cells to thrive and survive, with more translational research in innovative anti-tumour therapies (such as Photothermal Therapy). In 2016 I started my transition from bench to office by starting an MSc on Science and Innovation Management at Universitat Politècnica de València. Since 2018 I try to dynamise the participation in European projects at La Paz University Hospital, which is an important but challenging task. Clinicians are the frontier of the citizens’ needs in R&I but they are usually to overload by assistance that they have no time to think on ambitious research. Moreover, I am Associated Lecturer on Cell Biology at Universidad Complutense de Madrid, training young researchers in the basics of the discipline and also how to think in a project-organised fashion to meet focal needs in R&I.

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